We have worked with Our suppliers for many years and have a great relationship with every one whose products we are proud to represent.  We deal direct with all the names below ensuring that any

product you order is of 'A' grade stock.  If you've seen something somewhere else and would like us to source it for you, please give a call and we will do our best to help. 

If you're working on a project, talk to us about our great project management service... Each light can be hand checked & have the relevant light bulbs added into the box & is then labelled with the 

intended room destination and we can even store the whole lot safely until your electrician needs them. 

We don't sell online, but can organise and send your order anywhere! Mauritius is probably the furthest to date! Please contact us for further information if you get in to visit us.

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Complete Lighting was thrilled to be awarded a David Hunt Brand Partner status. These beautiful lights are handmade in the Cotswolds and on our recent visit for training, we experienced just how truly unique every item that leaves their factory is.  


Every member of their staff is as passionate about their company as we are about ours. We would love to share everything we learned there with you, so come in to experience first hand our newly created purpose built David Hunt Lighting area. Visit us soon, we have over 50 David Hunt Lights on display including Ceiling lights, wall lights, silk shades and table & floor lamps.


Seeing these beautiful pieces really allows you to appreciate the quality and craftsmanship that goes into each and every product they make.  Seeing them is truly inspiring, and we guess you'll start imagining how the bespoke options can enhance your home.  The combinations are almost limitless. 

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